An HVAC tune up has a multitude of benefits such as:

•Savings on energy costs
•Reducing the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning for certain heating systems
•Helping eliminate costly breakdowns
•Helping maintain a higher indoor air quality

Let us help keep your units running as efficiently as possible.

Take a look at what we inspect for you!

Heat Exchanger - Inspected for cracks & deterioration

Heat exchangers can develop cracks with age. If they exist, there is a risk of serious illness from the toxic fumes emitted.

Burners - Removed & cleaned if necessary

Dirty burners can cause poor combustion, soot, condensation and will shorten the life of the furnace with you essentially paying for useful heat to make its way up the chimney instead of being used to heat your home.

Fan Switch - Checked & adjusted

A fan switch that is not properly adjusted can waste energy and cause nuisance fan cycling which is something no one wants!

Pilot & Pilot Assembly - Cleaned & adjusted as necessary

Weak or dirty pilots can easily be extinguished causing the furnace to shut down, which means you could be without heat in the middle of the night.

Safety Controls - Operationally inspected

We can all assume why this is important - Safety controls that don't work properly can lead to catastrophic risks.

Gas Line - Leak checked from the furnace shut off valve to the burners

Undetected gas leaks are dangerous. Let us alleviate this risk!

Combustion Air - Openings will be checked

Blocked or restricted combustion air openings can be a serious hazard, which is why this is an important part of our process.

Flue Pipe - Inspected

Flue pipe corrosion or leaks are dangerous because vapors can be released throughout your home. Let's prevent this!

Temperatures & Performance - Recorded

An accurate record of vital data can indicate potential problems that can be eliminated.

Panels - Secure all panels

Loose panels can increase operating costs and cause either a shutdown or a dangerous condition.

Controls & Safeties - Inspected & tested

Controls and safeties that do not function properly can increase operation cost and cause other components to fail.

Lubrication - Application to motors & bearings

Improperly lubricated rotating equipment will eventually seize. Let us get our hands dirty.

Belts & Pulleys - Inspected & adjusted

Loose belts and worn pulleys decrease air flow, increase operating costs and shorten the compressor's life. Belts crack and break with age.

Air Filter - Replaced at customer's option

A restricted air filter can cause your air conditioning unit to waste energy and shorten the compressor's life by making it work harder - Let us do that instead!

Improper voltage and amp draw increase operating costs and can shorten the life of any motor.

Thermostat - Checked & calibrated

Improperly calibrated thermostats cause the unit to run longer than necessary. Every degree your air conditioner operates below 78 degrees can add 5%-8% to the cost of cooling.