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Is your air conditioner on its last leg? Get AC installation services from 1st Choice Heating, Air & Refrigeration, LLC. We'll help you decide on the right air conditioner for your home or business, and then we'll install it efficiently. You don't have to worry about any issues after installation-we can handle all of your AC repair and maintenance needs.

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Leave air conditioner installation to the experts

Leave air conditioner installation to the experts

Don't try to save money by installing your air conditioner by yourself. Hire a trained HVAC contractor instead. A trained professional will...

  • Know how to safely handle air conditioner parts
  • Install your air conditioner more efficiently
  • Have the skills needed to install your air conditioner properly

Shoddy installation could result in costly HVAC problems-avoid unnecessary expenses by getting professional AC installation services. Call 417-986-2525 now make an appointment.